Freshwater-Light 15 W, 45 cm

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Product description

Full spectrum lamp for freshwater aquariums. Inhibits algae growth through natural colour spectrum with colour rendition index 1A. Ideal for sparsely planted aquariums, can be used in combination with Plant Light for normal to densely planted aquariums. Also suitable for terrarium animals without UVB requirement.

Background information

Colour temperature: 5,200 K

Luminous flux: 650 lm

Colour rendition: 93 ( 1A ) Ra

kWh/1.000 h: 19

Energieffizienzklasse: B


Special lamp for terraria / aquaria. Not suitable for domestic room lighting.

Frequently asked questions

Why will my dealer not exchange faulty lights after a few months?

You cannot blame the dealer. Under German and European jurisdiction, lights count as consumable, not durable, goods and thus are not subject to any warranty. We offer dealers handy light testing devices so they can guarantee to end users that the lights are working at the time of purchase. Exchanging lights is a matter of sheer goodwill on the part of the dealer, and the period of time after purchase during which an exchange can still be made is a matter of personal discretion for him. We are prepared to replace lights that are returned as defective for dealers, where these are returned with a proof of purchase within two weeks. It is not possible for our company to deliver replacements directly to end customers. The end customer's contractual partner is always the dealer from whom the purchase was made.