Keeping animals under human care means taking responsibility for them. Specialist literature provides excellent information on the different requirements pets have when being kept and how these can be properly met. Specialist books should ideally be read BEFORE acquiring an animal.



Under the HOBBY Aquaristik brand name, our products for breeding and keeping artemia are augmented by a book on brine shrimp. These crustaceans are not only an ideal food for fish - they are also interesting pets in themselves.


In the HOBBY Terraristik range we offer books from publisher VIVARIA that not only describe terrarium animals in detail but also provide information on purchasing and on the time and financial outlay, plus critical assistance with the selection, transportation, quarantining and social habits of animals. The titles include monographs on the most commonly bought animals, but also describe less well-known exotic animals. For beginners we recommend starting with the books on the different types of terrarium. These also describe the ten most popularly kept species in each type of terrarium.

Artemia Book: "Artemia - Der Urzeitkrebs" - German
Book: Kompaktwissen Taggeckos, German language
Book: Die Chinesische Bergagame, German language
Book: Der Vietnam-Goldgecko, German language
Book: Kornnattern und ihre Farb- und Zeichnungsvarianten, German language