Nano Aquaristics

Keeping and looking after invertebrates, especially shrimps and dwarf crayfish, is becoming more and more popular. As a manufacturer, we have responded to this and introduced special products for such animals into our range. Some time ago publishing houses began launching their own magazines on caring for invertebrates.


Under the HOBBY Aquaristik brand name, there are both aquaristic products of use for nano tanks, because of their size, and products manufactured especially for this trend.


Many water and plant care products in the Dupla brand product range can also be put to good use in nano tanks. CO2 fertilisation is an important component of the brand, but the technical equipment for this was too big. Therefore we offer special CO2 tablets for nano aquaristics.

Bonalit, red ground layer, 3 l
Laterit, 500 g
Laterit grandes billes, Ø 15 mm, for re-fertilization
Nanoplant, 30 tablets
Amphore natur S
Amphora, bronze S
Amphora sand S
Shrimp Tower
Stump carity 1, 17x7x16 cm