Water maintenance

Even the best drinking water is nowhere near being good aquarium water. In order for it to be used as a habitat for fish and plants in the aquarium, it must be prepared accordingly. Above all, compounds that harm the mucous membrane such as chlorine or heavy metals must be removed and the water hardness optimised. During ongoing use of the aquarium, metabolic products and organic water loads must be removed. Phosphate, nitrate and silicate concentrations in particular give rise to problems in freshwater and marine water aquaria, as they can lead to algae growth.


Water maintenance is an important component for functioning freshwater aquaria. Therefore the most important products in our HOBBY Aquaristik brand include water preparation agents and phosphate, nitrate, nitrite and algae killers. Our pharmaceuticals are some of the most effective and best-known on the market.


Our Dupla brand offers extremely effective water maintenance products based on micro-organisms. Organic loads contained in water might look like pollutants at first glance, but they are actually bacteria that act as nutrients. Hence Dupla offers bacteria that disassemble nitrates or protein compounds in large measure. There are two variants available: bacteria supplied in a liquid medium via a special process, or spray dried bacteria supplied on a support material.


Salt water in an aquarium can be liable to substantially larger fluctuations compared to natural waters. However, corals in particular cannot tolerate these fluctuations well and need stable water values. Under our DuplaMarin Meerwasseraquaristik brand, we offer the key elements of calcium and magnesium for this, as well as hydrogen carbonates that have a significant influence on chemical and biological processes in sensitive reef systems.


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