Under the HOBBY brand, we market T8 fluorescent tubes and high-pressure mercury vapour lamps for lighting aquaria. Light is especially important for plants in freshwater aquaria. This is because they not only have a decorative function; rather, they also fulfil an essential need for fish. Under exposure to light, plants use photosynthesis to turn the elements carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and sugar - the plants' principal components. A by-product of this is oxygen, which is essential for fish and other animal organisms. Algae are in constant competition with plants for nutrients. In a healthy aquarium with low nitrate and phosphate values, sufficient plant stock and the right fertilisation and lighting, plant growth holds the spread of algae in check. But if the lighting changes - even when the provision of nutrients remains the same - the algae can quickly gain the upper hand because they can adapt to the light ratios better.


Lighting plays an equally important role in terraria. It should account for not only the rhythm of day and night but also the summer/winter cycle. Animals from equatorial regions receive twelve hours of light per day all year round. Animals from our latitudes require 16 to 17 hours of light in summer and about eight or nine hours in winter. Ideally the terrarium temperature should also be regulated by the light - exactly as the animals are used to in nature. The UV-B spectrum of the light is of particular significance. Reptiles, especially growing tortoises and lizards, need it to form vitamin D3 in their skins. Without this vitamin or radiation, so-called rachitic diseases can occur. Under the HOBBY brand, we offer one of the broadest ranges of lighting in the industry.

Plant-Light 15 W, 45 cm
Plant-Light 18 W, 60 cm
Plant-Light 30 W, 90 cm
Plant-Light 36 W, 120 cm
Freshwater-Light 15 W, 45 cm
Freshwater-Light 18 W, 60 cm
Freshwater-Light 30 W, 90 cm
Freshwater-Light 36 W, 120 cm
Freshwater-Light 38 W, 105 cm